Join the initiative to barcode all seagrass species!

Seagrasses are a discrete group of flowering plants that live their life in a submerged marine environment. The adaptations these plants have acquired to survive in the marine environment has lead to them being highly morphologically reduced in both vegetative and reproductive structures. This morphological reduction has lead to problems in easily recognising characteristics that clearly define seagrass species. In addition, flowering and fruiting is often not observed so identification typically has relied on vegetative material only. Seagrass taxonomy is thus difficult and complex and, at times, controversial.

The advent of molecular genetic tools, particularly DNA barcoding, provide an opportunity to improve our knowledge and resolution of seagrass taxonomy and provides a path to more reliable identification for those specimens that we are otherwise unable to identify.


We are seeking collaborators to actively participate in the initiative. If you are interested email the project contact to join.